4 Reasons being the underdog is great for your auto transport business.

Being the underdog is great for your auto transport business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a car hauler, an auto transport broker or someone who sells to them.

Being little is an advantage and I’m sharing 4 reasons why. Not in the mood to watch the video? No problem. Check out the transcript below:


Hey what’s up Car Shipping Rockstars it’s your girl Ashley from ReloGeek.com and in this video, I’m sharing my top 4 reasons why being the underdog or the little guy is great for your auto transport business. Whether you’re a broker, a car hauler or someone who sells to them, this video can help.

Almost every business owner I know including myself has at some point been envious of the bigger guys.

You want fame, fortune and fun all at once and sometimes because of this, we try to run before we can walk. We all can’t be usain bolt ya know!

I totally get it.


I wanted this too. I wanted to be bigger than I was and even faked it. Yes, I admit that when I first started in the auto transport business, I faked like I was some huge company. When I was just little old me.

It wasn’t until I felt like things weren’t clicking for me. That I was seeing no progress that I realized this was wrong on so many accounts.

So what did I do? I switched it up and stayed true to who I was, where I was and kept sight of where I was going.

It was this revelation so to speak, that made me realize that I was lucky to be the little guy.

It was this revelation that allowed me to see that I could use the underdog position to my advantage.

And that my friend? Opened up doors that only I could dream up. It’s what led me here to you today.


So why is being the little guy good for your auto transport business?


Here are four reasons:

  1. Thinking creatively: As the little guy, you get the opportunity to explore your creative side.
  2. Experimentation: tying in with thinking creatively is the fact that you get to experiment with that creativity.
  3. No corporate structure: because you’re a one man or two man shop, you don’t have to worry about your decisions affecting the entire organization. Having no corporate structure is a great thing.
  4. No fear of losing clients: lastly, because you’re small, you probably won’t have a huge client base. And this is a great thing. Your decisions won’t scare off your past clients.


As you can see, it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to being the little guy.

In fact I encourage you to enjoy this time and make the best of it. Experiment. Think outside the box.


Go bat shit crazy if you like.


The point is, you won’t be this way for long. So use this time wisely to build the auto transport business of your dream. There’s no one stopping you but you!


If you’re stuck in your auto transport business…


Or maybe you have one obstacle in your way from reaching your goals and you need help?

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Thanks for watching, im Ashley from relogeek.com now get out there and make moves happen.

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